Clean up from the inside - Choose what you eat (food, thoughts, media)

(Article written by Bev Wium – 16 August 2015) 


HAVE THE HEAVENS OPENED and unleashed themselves from the inside? Hail stones lashing at your thighs, buttocks, legs, arms, tummy, eyelidsJ. It’s what you eat that matters most. Listen to the sound of wisdom pelting from inside each time you bite into a doughnut, smear margarine on your bread, eat boxed cereal, even a processed so-called health bar, not to mention alcohol and fizzy drinks.  


OUTSIDE JOBS - if these treatments actually work, success will be temporary unless you change “what you eat”:

Applying a cream. Buffing. Saying goodbye to it. Natural bath remedy.

Dry brushing. Wear a onesie. Radio frequency. Infra-red.

Laser. Shaky machines. Liposuction.

And of course exercise (this doubles up as an “inside” job too – see below) 

INSIDE JOBS to smooth out your “hail damage” with lasting success:

  • The most important inside job: choose a real-food-diet and lifestyle (I could write pages on this topic – well I did - Organicflexitarian is recommended).
  • Give up fad diets.
  • Drink clean fresh water (approx. 8 glasses per day; perhaps less if you consume a high raw food diet – i.e. you are “eating” your water).
  • Hormonal health: reduce heated fats, heated animal products, preservatives and additives; include good fats like avo’s, nuts and seeds, olives and COLD-PRESSED oils. Avoid fish oils which have been heated (they are not exactly going to squeeze the fish to extract the oil???).
  • Remove margarine and caffeine.
  • Remove junk food, processed food, sweeteners, sugar, additives, and chemicals; all toxic substances which your body then has to store somewhere (in your thighs!).
  • Meditate: reduce your stress/cortisol levels in your body – high cortisol levels prevent the hormonal system from functioning properly and also hinder weight loss.
  • Exercise: cardio – stretching – toning – gardening – sex – dancing – yoga - get a balance.
  • Eat regular meals to balance your metabolism. 

HISTORY OF CELLULITE – according to Wikipedia:

“The term was first used in the 1920s by spa and beauty services to promote their services, and began appearing in English language publications in the late 1960s, with the earliest reference in Vogue magazine, ‘Like a swift migrating fish, the word cellulite has suddenly crossed the Atlantic.’ Its existence as a real disorder has been challenged, and the prevailing medical opinion is that it is merely the ‘normal condition of many women’.” 

I believe that cellulite crosses the Atlantic via ships carrying cargos full of additives, preservatives, and non-foods with very little nutrition and lots of profit for bosses and governments. I quote Upton Sinclair “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon him not understating it.”

(Article written by Bev Wium – 16 August 2015)




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