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THE very POSSIBLE DREAM – I see you as perfect     

(Article by Beverley Wium 24 August 2015) 

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I won’t talk to you and teach you about ‘what-is’ for long. Let’s talk about what we prefer. Let’s focus on the aspects of your life that work. This is only about ‘what-is’ in as far as an effort to move beyond it. ‘What-is’ refers to current-reality and so-called negative labels, such as depression, cancer, IBS, obesity, bi-polar, diabetes, cellulite, constipation, lethargy, addictions and so on; things to which we seem to assign ourselves (and each other) scores, ratings and judgments. 

I am usually asked to share with people more about ‘what-is’ but I know that with everything-that-I-am, with every experience that I’ve had, with every encounter that I’ve had, with every other individual, that, as I talk to you about ‘what-is’, all we do together is ensure that ‘what-is’ won’t change much.

So we have the option of talking about ‘what-is’ or talking about what we prefer. And much of ‘what-is’ in your experience, is really good. I’d like to help you focus upon the aspects of your life that are working because I know with everything-that-I-am, that if you will focus upon the aspects of your life that you like best, that you will achieve a state of mind that will make it possible for you to live more of that. I KNOW THESE THINGS FOR SURE. 

As I step up to the plate with this honouring-responsibility of sharing with you, some may think that somehow I would be able to wrestle you to the ground and help you see the things that you are doing wrong in order to improve your life experience. All of us here want, more than life itself, to live the joyous life we were born to live. I think that what is wrong with most of child-rearing and society is that we are looking at problems, thinking we can solve them; and there is no possibility of solving a problem by looking at it. We must become solution oriented. And solution orientation is looking at what-is; “solved” so chronically, so succinctly, in such detail. Such vivid attention, that it dominates the way we feel about us until THAT takes over the life experience that we are living. 

I am so excited to be able to share with you at your tender age, whether you are 10, 15, 25, 45, or 95; because I know that you know better than any society, you know exactly what I am talking about.  You have been curtailed, you have been controlled, been convinced that you are not perfect as you are. And I will not stand in that arena.


With love

Beverley Jean Wium

24 August 2015



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