Organicflexitarian had a "come and get it" book launch on the 23rd of November 2014 at Oasis Country Lodge in Lonehill. 80 people attended. Why "Come and get it"? Organicflexitarian was pre-sold in order to raise funds for printing and publishing.  At the launch there were 107 signed and personalised, numbered books waiting for their owners, and another 50 were sold on the day. One lady had pre-paid for 11 copies. She had faith in Bev, did she not! And all the others who ordered one, two, five, six copies. 

Bev Wium self-published; what an adventure! Sometimes excitement edged into extreme stress. On around the 15th of October, Bev faithfully set the date for the book launch for the 23rd of November, not knowing whether she would even have her books. They had not even begun printing yet, nor did she have the final pdf and cover of the book from her graphic designer. Around the 26th of October she received the final graphics. And then it was a few trips to the printers (Remata) and to the book binders over a two week period - videoed on cell phones - see YouTube. The reward of ushering 1000 copies of Organicflexitarian into her house on the 13th of November 2014. Wow. A dream come true for Bev and for the world.

At the book launch it poured down with rain. And the people still came. Paddles and canoes and umbrellas and raincoats; and hot cups of tea and coffee. Such abundance. Nicolette Lodge, Bev's special friend and author of Forgiveness - gift of love to yourself introduced Bev with vibrancy and love. Bev had the floor, thanked many people, including herself. As she spoke to the 80 friends, clients and family seated in front of her all she felt and saw was love and admiration beaming back at her. She played Amazing Grace on her penny whistle to honour her parents. Then demonstrated a few Organicflexitarian recipes. Bevshrek Smoothie served in shot glasses and Bev's real Chocolates to taste too. Jessica-Robin helped hand out the choccies. Snacks on the table: Gratuitous Love Salad, Bev's Sattvic Popcorn, Brinjal Pizzas and Raw Hummus with bread and rice cakes.

Books were signed, guests chatted and caught up. Conviviality and happiness abounded. What a day it was! Amazing Grace.


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