Kerry van der Riet

Comment on inside flap of Organicflexitarian: “Dear Wonderful Bev: I love your book!  I love your sense of humour, the personal stuff about your family and about you; the fascinating info on all sorts of subjects relating to health, the fantastic recipes, the tips which I would never know about if it weren’t for you; your gorgeous quotes and your wisdom. The ego information is really fab – the concept about our self-recrimination also being a reflection of ego. It is rich, delectable, a feast for the eyes and makes my mouth water, inspires my heart and my mind, and makes me laugh and think and love life more. 

Thank you for the gift you are giving to our world.  You are indeed living your soul’s mission, and it is a great privilege to witness this work of yours. With very much love, admiration and gratitude”

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