“Last weekend now seems so unreal - like I was in a dream!!! The place is stunning but of course it was the six of us who made it so special! It just shows that if people have common interests age or gender are totally irrelevant! Incredible that Brian and Stan came along. Words cannot express how wonderful it was to meet you all! The way you shared your vast knowledge - incredible! It will take time to ‘digest' and implement all this! And you, Bev, are already so ‘enlightened and advanced' - especially considering your tender age! I say a huge thank you to the universe (also naturally to my friend Marion who forwarded your invitation to me, Bev). 
I felt like being in a big family again, wonderful!!! Love, light and hugs”.

 Attendee at Tranuqilatree weekend getaway 2009 - Olifants River


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