Jane Griffiths

Foreword from Organicflexitarian:  “When I first met Bev I was immediately struck by how healthy and fresh she was. How full of joy and energy. So when she asked if I could read her manuscript, I knew I was in for a delightful journey. And I wasn't wrong. Organicflexitarian is a smorgasbord of inspirational, whimsical and practical information. Whether you read it as a day-by-day diary, or dip into it sporadically, it will take you on a voyage to better health and a happier life. Some of the entries will delight, others will intrigue and there will be the ones where you'll go "Nope - that's not for me." But this is what flexitarian means: being adaptable and accommodating to all points of view. Bev does not hammer us over the head, dictating a path that must be followed. Rather, she gently leads the way, leaving in her dancing footsteps quirky or sensible, but always heartfelt signposts along the way for us to choose which paths we want to take.

I am a sucker for recipe books and have a large collection and I am adding this one to it as an essential recipe book for a better quality of life.” 

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Author of:  Jane’s Delicious Garden; Jane’s Delicious Kitchen; Jane’s Delicious Herbs  janesdeliciousgarden.com


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